Global Control Freaks Network

Completely connected with qualified field data collectors

Why we call ourselves Control Freaks – We are over the top about Mapping the World.

Global Control Freaks Network is completely connected with qualified field data collectors to provide you fast and accurate service.

Our customers know that for precise, accurate, and on-time geodetic control around the world, there’s only one place to call. That’s because we have relationships with businesses, governments and individual surveyors all over the globe. Our ever-expanding Ground Control Point archive is the largest commercially available GCP data set on earth. Customers from around the world rely on it to improve their mapping projects. Our word-of-mouth reputation is stellar and it crosses all borders.

Since 1994, we have worked with clients, resellers, contractors and other professionals internationally. As technology has improved, we have grown with it. Long-time Esri® users, our staff is fully conversant with the many GIS improvements that are revolutionizing the mapping world.

  • Independent QA/QC for LiDAR data processing – we have the expertise on staff to post-process any LiDAR data to FEMA PM61 and other professional standards.
  • Accurate Remotely Sensed Ground Control Points (RSGCP®)
  • Human Geography Program – this program is designed to help developers, energy companies and others to better understand communities all over the world, including Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

No matter your location or country of origin, we are part of the global geospatial community. We speak your language: mapping. The ultimate Global Team is CompassData’s Global Control Freaks Network. Our mission is to map the world, and we’re doing it – one ground control point at a time!

CompassData has Qualified Field Data Collectors Across the Planet


So far, Control Freaks® have collected Ground Control Points on every continent on earth – except Antarctica.

CompassData’s customers know that, no matter where in the world they need field data collection when a Control Freaks crew goes to get it, they will receive the same consistent quality deliverable, every time.

CompassData has business relationships with partners on 6 continents:

North America,
South America

CompassData has access to mapping in many difficult and remote places of the world. Here are just a few:

Kabul, Afghanistan
Mexico City, Mexico
Al-Jazair, Algeria
Abuja, Nigeria
Mumbai, India
Ha Noi, Vietnam
Alice Springs, Australia
Berma, Sudan
Tehran, Iran
Detroit, Michigan (under dangerous places)
Burma, Myanmar
Rabat, Morocco

GCP Collection Network Program

CompassData works extensively with qualified firms around the world. We develop strong ties with our field collection partner firms, and work with them to ensure the CompassData quality in field data collection is never compromised.

We offer control points in Sub-Meter, Decimeter and Centimeter levels of accuracy.

Our Global Control Freaks Network are always open to finding licensed surveyors who are open to training so that they can participate in “our mission to map the world“.  CompassData has proprietary processes so that our ground control is delivered to the customer in a consistent, timely fashion. Join us if you’d like to be a contract Control Freak, have a business in field data collection or would like to become a qualified member of our network.

JOIN US and Become Part of the Global Control Freak Network!

We began our mission to map the world more than a decade ago. CompassData Ground Control Point Archive was founded on an innovative model to own and license GCPs.

Through the years, our very serious and yet playful attitude about what we do has come to define us. Throughout the GIS industry, we are known as the “Control Freaks”. Our network continues to grow as more and more people want to join us in our mission.

Yes, we are freaks about making sure that what we supply to our customers is always on time, accurate, consistent and complete. We also appreciate the opportunities we’ve received to travel all over the world, connecting the planet across borders and boundaries as we collect field data to improve GIS data sets for clients as diverse as anyone could imagine.

Wherever you are in the world, do you have what it takes to join the Global Control Freaks Network? If you want to become a CompassData, qualified member of our Global Network of field data collectors, please contact us.