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GCPs Available Off-The-Shelf


Ground Control Points ensure that your project contains “Ground Truth”. Ground truth is the data tied to a specific, human-verified location on earth whether you are working with satellite, aerial or LiDAR imagery. For example, using Quality-1 Ground Control Points in the orthorectification process results in increased accuracy (sub-meter) and the quality of our orthoimagery. Each of our Ground Control Points is provided to the customer with all supporting metadata, context photos, accuracy reports and station diagrams.

Increase accuracy, save time and money by designing your project area to coincide with archive Ground Control Points. The global distribution of our GCPs is displayed on the Interactive Map above. Zoom in and click on individual points to view associated photos, stations diagrams, and accuracy reports. To download the entire GCP archive (truncated) as a kml or shapefile, click below:

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Current GCPs

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GCPs in the CompassData archive have all passed rigorous quality-control procedures. The accuracy of the GCPs are defined as follows:

Quality-1: 1cm – 10cm horizontal accuracy, 3cm – 10cm vertical accuracy

Quality-2: 10cm – 20cm horizontal accuracy, 10cm – 20cm vertical accuracy

Quality-3: 20cm – 50cm horizontal accuracy, 20cm – 75cm vertical accuracy

Quality-4: 50cm – 70cm horizontal accuracy, 75cm – 1.25m vertical accuracy

Quality-5: 70cm – 2.5m horizontal accuracy, 1.25m – 5m vertical accuracy

RSGCP (Remotely Sensed Ground Control Points): 1m horizontal precision, 1m vertical precision. Read More on Remotely Sensed Ground Control Points.

As a result, deliverables can be provided in both soft copy and hard copy. We can deliver in any datum or projection required:

  • WGS84 (G1150) (World Geographic System)
  • ITRF2000
  • ITRF2008
  • NAD83
  • ETRF89 with geographical coordinates in Latitude / Longitude or projections like UTM
  • Lambert
  • Gauss with standard elevations as height above Sea Level or Height Above Ellipsoid (HAE)

 700+ Airport Orthos are Currently Available Off-The-Shelf!

If your company is considering entering the Airport Mapping Database (AMDB) world, or is already a data provider,

look no further than CompassData for high quality orthos and FAA approved ground control.